Classic T-Shirt, Dark Navy


Felix is 179 cm /5‘9” wearing size M

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Classic T-Shirt




With a timeless fit, excellent durability and a remarkable knit quality, there is no garment more essential than the Classic T-shirt. Unisex fit.

  • Composition

    100% Organic Cotton

  • Fabric

    175g/m2, Circular Knit Single Jersey (24/1)


Felix is 179 cm /5‘9” wearing size M

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Dyeing Technique
  • Our cutting-edge dyeing technology accounts for 22% less electricity, 31% less steam, 28% less water, and 24% less time than more conventional sustainable dyeing processes.

Classic T-Shirt

Made from 100% organic cotton, our jersey uses mercerisation and Naturally Clean® technology to establish its deep clean nature and refined surface. For more details, consult our size chart or email us at We recommend women true to size and men a size up.



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Gina is 161 cm/5’3” wearing size XS

Paper clean and crisp

Our aim was to create a T-shirt reminiscent of clean and crisp bedsheets. Something that makes you feel fresh as soon as you put it on, but retains its quality for much longer than a normal item of clothing.

To achieve this, we’ve mercerized our jersey. This makes the cotton fibres swell, open up, and untwist, which expels any impurities or short fibres from within the fabric and establishes its deep-clean nature.

When the renewed structure of the knit stabilizes it also benefits from improved regularity, strength and dimensional stability. Finally, we finish the fabric with our Naturally Clean® technology that utilizes bio-enzymes to further refine the surface while adding to the subtle crispness of the drape.

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Vibrant colour, wash after wash

To ensure bold colors that last, we use a best-in-class ring compact spinning technology.

By considerably reducing the twist and hairiness of our yarn at the processed material stage we automatically improve the quality of our final knitted fabrics while increasing dye affinity.

Going a step further, our jersey undergoes a special roll-mercerization process (using one of only a few machines that exist in Europe) that drastically modifies the structural uniformity of the cotton fibres and further increases dye affinity.

The end result is an exceptionally brilliant surface that facilitates very high colour fastness against washing, rubbing, and fading. Translation? More vibrant, longer lasting colour for your garment.

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No shrink, no twist

Change is good, unless it’s the shape of your t-shirt after the first wash.

To counteract twisting and deformation (torsion) we introduce an organic nano resin, or cross-linking agent, to our fabric that increases dimensional stability and supports recovery from stretch.

We also take extra care to mechanically balance our fabric’s weft axis (crosswise yarns) as it passes through a stentering oven where a heat treatment permanently stabilizes and sets fibres into place.

To achieve maximum pre-shrinkage, we garment wash all items after confection, meaning that your t-shirt is likely to stay the same shape long after you first try it on.

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Excellent breathability

Comfort and temperature go hand-in-hand, so we have enhanced the inherent breathability of our natural cotton by combining an advanced spinning technology with a smart knitting application.

Firstly, our ring compact spinning machines create a more compact, regular, and smooth yarn, which increases breathability compared to alternative techniques that produce a fuzzier, air-trapping outcome.

Moreover, by using a 24/1 yarn count on our circular knitting machines we strike a perfect balance for a composition that allows plenty of air through without any unflattering over-transparency.

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