About Us

index® was born from a belief in the functional value of essential garments and a culture of research, technical design, manufacturing and innovation that spanned more than a decade at the apex of the European apparel industry. Destined to evolve from a service into a symbol for extreme quality and garment expertise, it was redefined as a brand.

In order to meet the most demanding requirements for flawless fit and enduring quality, index® follows the japanese idea that incremental innovations can reap significant change. We explore and develop new materials, technologies and all aspects of manufacturing. The most compelling results are applied to essential garments whose constructions are mainly driven by a focus on proportions, classic cuts and comfortable fit.

It’s worth claiming that quality is one of the most essential concepts, and perhaps, the core value of all clothing. Based on this principle, index® engineers garments for people who are mindful of what they wear and wish to enhance their wardrobe with a level of quality that matches their integrity.

Transforming a category known for disposable basics into lifetime companions, index® delivers long-lasting garments that encourage people to discover state-of-the-art techniques and become a catalyst for innovation.


Rua Dom Manuel II 290, 4050-344 Porto, Portugal

Customer service


Mon–Fri 9am–5pm (GMT+1)

Incremental Innovation

Meeting the highest demands again and again, index® thinks in iterations, rather than seasons or collections. This is why our products are launched in batches, with each showcasing the latest results of our manufacturing explorations, experimentations and inventions. All our research, findings and innovations can be viewed in our Index.

Ecological Advancement

index® has benefitted from highly effective and sustainable production processes as a result of constant investigation and dedication to technical efficiency. Our cutting-edge dyeing and finishing methods, for example, account for 22% less electricity, 31% less steam, 28% less water and 24% less time than more conventional sustainable dyeing processes. Utilizing modern machinery, 100% organic fibres, and smart technologies throughout our manufacturing operations not only extends our garments’ lifespan, but also preserves the health and longevity of our ecosystem.

Statement of Ethics

You don’t raise the bar in garment manufacturing if people across the board don’t share the same level of commitment to quality and innovation. We’ve cultivated a strong team of highly-skilled technicians, engineers, craftspeople, and managers who power our production by thinking critically, pushing boundaries and dreaming bigger.


All index® garments are engineered and produced in our factory in Portugal before being sent directly to our customers.

Taking meticulous control over every aspect of a garment’s development allows us to provoke significant quality improvements while streamlining our supply chain to provide unmatched value and low prices to our customers.