Boxy Longsleeve, Post Loomstate


Lea is 176 cm/5’8” wearing size M

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Boxy Longsleeve




The classic. Relaxed fit with a super compact knit that prevents wrinkling, pilling or shrinkage. Cool and dry materials with a crisp, soft feel on the skin. Unisex fit.

  • Composition

    100% Organic Cotton

  • Fabric

    270g/m2, Circular Knit Single Jersey (24/2)


Lea is 176 cm/5’8” wearing size M

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  • BR-TT20003088

    Dyeing recipe
    • 1/2 Optical Brightening

Dyeing Technique

Boxy Longsleeve

It features a side slit and hybrid fit that offers a structured drape without being too stiff. For more details, consult our size chart or email us at We recommend women true to size and men a size up.



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Gina is 161 cm/5’3” wearing size XS

Extra heavy and durable

The heavy, robust feel of this fabric comes from a careful selection of spinning technology and yarn preparation.

Thanks to ring compact spinning we’re able to produce a superior yarn that performs at the highest level. After these are produced, two 24/1 yarns are twisted together to create a new combination called 2-ply, or 24/2. This special yarn produces a more dynamic knitted fabric that fills double the available space and continues to develop its structural density as the yarns naturally lose their twist and relax. Expect this garment to be in your wardrobe for a long time.

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Less pilling

Pilling is a surface defect where small balls of fibres begin to gather on a garment as a result of wear. The most effective way to reduce pilling is to carefully customize the physical characteristics of the fabric, including both the initial fibres and the way in which it is processed.

We have selected a long-staple organic cotton to improve our yarn by delivering maximum elongation, notably reduced hairiness and increased durability, which translates to significantly reduced pilling.

By finishing our fabrics with Naturally Clean®, an eco-friendly technology that uses enzymes and a tumbler process to eliminate surface impurities and small fibres, we further improve our garments’ resistance to pilling.

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