Classic Sweatshirt Crossgrain, Scarlet Sol


Ngone is 176 cm/5’8” wearing size M

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Classic Sweatshirt Crossgrain




A classic crewneck Sweatshirt with a heavy and protective fabric feel. Unisex fit.

  • Composition

    100% Organic Cotton

  • Fabric

    505g/m2, Circular Knit Brushed Fleece (20/1)


Ngone is 176 cm/5’8” wearing size M

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  • 24944/MN05

    Dyeing recipe
    • Yellow


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Dyeing Technique
  • Our cutting-edge dyeing technology accounts for 22% less electricity, 31% less steam, 28% less water, and 24% less time than more conventional sustainable dyeing processes.

Classic Sweatshirt

The 500 g/m² weight provides an optimal drape for superior comfort. Composed of 100% organic cotton, the fleece has been brushed to achieve maximum softness and bio-polished with Naturally Clean® technology for further refinement. For more details, consult our size chart or email us at



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Technical details

Sustainably dyed

Dyeing is one of the most harmful, polluting and energy-intensive processes in the garment industry.

At our dyeing facility we have made constant investments in sustainability to harness green energy from solar panels and boilers that reduce our electricity consumption by 22% and steam by 31%.

We have also optimized our dyeing and soaping process to use 28% less water while taking extra initiative to install specialized eco-friendly machinery that enzymatically treats and recycles all our wastewater. Furthermore, as a result of our ring compact spinning technology we can ensure nearly 100% dye exhaustion and reduce overall dye consumption by 20%.

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Less pilling

Pilling is a surface defect where small balls of fibres begin to gather on a garment as a result of wear. The most effective way to reduce pilling is to carefully customize the physical characteristics of the fabric, including both the initial fibres and the way in which it is processed.

We have selected a long-staple organic cotton to improve our yarn by delivering maximum elongation, notably reduced hairiness and increased durability, which translates to significantly reduced pilling.

By finishing our fabrics with Naturally Clean®, an eco-friendly technology that uses enzymes and a tumbler process to eliminate surface impurities and small fibres, we further improve our garments’ resistance to pilling.

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Scarlet Sol