Dyeing Technique




Colorifix has developed a method of dyeing with microbes which offers a sustainable alternative to conventional dyes. Through DNA sequencing, Colorifix encodes instructions to make a pigment in a given organic compound (plant, mineral, animal, etc.). Then they translate that message into engineered microorganisms, which both  grow and transfer the colour. The microbes grow the colour, via fermentation, using by-products of the sugar production industry. The microbes infiltrate the fabric and deposit to fix the fabric with the dye. They also release metals and salts that are used in the fixing process. This way the need for mordanting agents is eliminated as the organisms harvest the chemicals. This technology allows dyeing to take place at 37 degrees on both natural and synthetic fibres. The process cuts out the use of harsh chemistry entirely and leads to huge reductions in water consumption, while meeting all key industry standards.